Motion posters

MAY 7, 2021

Turn a print poster in to great digital content

The first known motion poster, a.k.a. Moster, was made back in 2005 for the movie Hard Candy. This was years before the introduction of Snapchat and Instagram. Today all the big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Whatsapp have a Story function that show vertical content (9:16).
The basic of a Moster is the existing movie poster. Depending on the poster certain elements can be added to draw extra attention to the poster. Which make Mosters a great, and easy piece of content to engage your audience.

The columnist

The original poster was designed for the international market. We added some extra blood spattering and a subtle zoom on the movie title.


The rolling police tape was not a part of the original poster. It's a dynamic way to reveal the release date.

TIP 01

All elements are present

Every film has a poster. So all the elements you need already exist. All it takes is some time and creativity to make something engaging that can add value to a campaign.


The great thing of a digital poster is that you can adapt them quickly and respond to current events.


In this example for Desert Paradise we added review stars and a quote from a leading Dutch newspaper to the poster. And we kick off with a 'sandy' reveal that fits the premisse of the film.

SIHJA-The rebel fairy

In this Moster we added some elements to make it more dynamic; fairy dust in the background to make it more sparkling and movement of the characters to get the feel of flying. The main title comes in a cool way to reflect the magic of the movie.

TIP 02

Think bigger

Instagram and Facebook Stories are great platforms for Mosters, but you can do so much more: the city centre, the subway, public buildings and of course cinema's have screens were your moving content can be shown.
This way your audience get a live experience in the offline world.

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