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What is the best video format?

MARCH 18, 2021

Fact: Users spent an average of 53 minutes per day on Instagram.

Instagram has been about square photos since it's launch in 2010. But a lot has changed over the years and video has become at least as important as static pictures. There are 3 different video formats you can use on the Instagram feed: Landscape, Square and Portrait.  Although most videos are Square, we believe this is not the best format..

Let us explain why...(we will also give some helpfull tips along the way).

INSTA MOCKUP - overzicht.png

square (1:1)

1080x1080 | 60 seconds

Let's start with the best known format;  Square. It is by far the most used format for both video and pictures on your Instagram feed.


  1. It’s a time and money saver: This format is compatible with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

  2. A crop of the original image is necessary, but...not as much as for the Portrait format. But we'll come to that later.  

  3. When done properly, the content tends to blend in more in to the users feed and is less recognized as a sponsored add. Therefore it's less experienced as "annoying" wich can be the  case with a sponsored post.

TIP 01

Start making impact from the very first frame

Start with your best shot, a great edit or a well know cast-member. Users won’t stop scrolling unless they are triggered by something magnificent. Starting with logo’s, idents or text explaining who is the producer or distributor is therefore unadvised.

portraiT (4:5)

1080x1350 | 60 seconds

In our opinion the best format for video on the Instagram feed. 


  1. The biggest advantage is simple; It takes most space on a users feed. More space means more attention and more attention means more engagement.

  2. Although in most cases a bigger crop of the original image is necessary, it also gives the opportunity to make better use of text.

landscape (16:9)

1920x1080 | 60 seconds (icm with IGTV 60 minutes)

This might seem the least likely of all formats to get used on Instagram. Because it is almost the opposite of the Portrait dimension and takes the least space on a Instagram feed. But... there are certainly some advantages.


  1. This format maintains the original look and feel of the movie. No cropping!

  2. If you post a whole trailer the user gets the option to watch it on IGTV which means the user can watch the trailer full screen! (after a 45 degrees turn with their phone)

TIP 03

Create original content for Instagram

A lot of times the content used on Instagram is a cutdown of the original theatrical trailer. This can work great but remember that a theatrical trailer is made with a different goal than a social spot. Many times great demographic opportunities are missed because the content was not originally created for Instagram.
Consider tailor made content, for example like we made for The Columnist, for more impact and more engagement.

TIP 02

Make use of dynamic titles

Keep in mind that most users have their feed on ‘mute’ while watching. Best to use appealing subtitles or graphics to strengthen your post.

Want to know more, or have any questions? Give us a shout!